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The brand EXCLUSIVE DESIGN is created to design and promote original products for the interiors. Products combine classic elegance and modern creative style.

Our offer is an excellent choice for admirers of original and absolutely beautiful solutions in the interiors. We want to inspire with creative ideas.

EXCLUSIVE DESIGN products allow to create interesting arrangements, fancy combinations and compose original decoration with other elements. Just a little imagination allows to turn an ordinary room into a fascinating place.

The collection of decorative mosaics includes dozens of different designs. Attractive visual effect was created by combination of different colors, shapes, sizes and structures. We offer mosaics made of glass, stone and more exotic materials such as coconut, bamboo and exclusive and impressive - pearly shells.

EXCLUSIVE DESIGN products also include the practical solutions. Floor collection has a very high hardness, 100% higher than the oak floor. It allows to use floor in high traffic areas without the worry about scratches and natural damages of surface.

It's not the end of our ideas. We are constantly working on new proposals.


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