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Cookies Policy

1. By using our main website: and the relevant subsites you give consent to placing our cookies. 2. We never use cookies that contain, carry, spread viruses, mailware, worms, other malicious software. 3. We use session and persistent cookies. A cookie is a little text file composed of alphanumeric characters, which is created on your computer when your browser accesses a website that uses cookies. The files are used to help your browser navigate the website and fully use all its features like logins, preferences, language settings, themes, among other common features. The cookie is used solely to help your browser process a website, it does not collect any information from your computer or spy on your files. 4. Our main website: and relevant subsites sometimes use the persistent cookies to provide you with better content, by enabling us to monitor which pages you find useful. A cookie in no way gives us access to your computer or any information about you, other than the data you choose to share with us. 5. We openly declare that our shop uses specific cookies:
      • __utmz – This cookie records the information about the visitor’s origin, i.e. search engine, keywords, link.
      • __utma – This cookie records how many visitors are there on the website, time of their first visit, the previous one and the current (presumably partly for double checking  this information).
      • __utmb,  __utmc – Both these cookies are used to check how long the visitor remains on the website, when the visit started and finished.
      • soteshop - This cookie stores your basket, without it you wouldn't be able to checkout.
6. We use Google Analitycs here – it is a service offered by Google Inc. that generates detailed statistics about a website’s traffic. It is the most widely used website statistics service. The information generated relating to our website is used to create reports about the use of the website. Google Inc. will store and use this information. Google's privacy policy is available at: We are not responsible for Google Analitycs, Google Inc. is. 7. You can always block all cookies using browser settings; you can opt-out from receiving cookies from particular site advertisers; you can manage cookies with programs and, you can delete cookies from your hard drive – manually or with your browser’s assistance. 8. If you feel this impacts your privacy, you can change your browser’s settings to limit the use of cookies on your computer to cut down on its ability to keep records of your browsing history. 9. You may find detailed solution to ensure privacy according to browser used:
      • Google Chrome -
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer -
      • Mozilla Firefox -
      • Opera -
      • Safari -
      • Other browser not mentioned above: Please refer to the valid ‘help’ section according to browser used.
10. Please remember: Blocking cookies will have a negative impact upon the usability of some websites, including our main website: and relevant subsites.


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